The Human Element

Underpinning grdian’s thorough testing and development process sits real people. From the initial design stages, we decided that whilst technology is a very powerful tool, there is simply no substitute for human beings – especially in the event of an emergency. Can you imagine dialling 999 and listening to an automated call?

When a call is made from a phone (either automatically through incident detection or by shaking the handset), a dedicated call-centre operative will be on the line within seconds. From this point onwards, operators remain on the line with you, whether conscious or not, until the emergency services have arrived.

Furthermore, grdian’s dedicated call-centre operators will then contact your family or friends to inform them of the situation. Where available, they will also be informed of the medical centre you have been taken to.

All operators are specifically trained and are there to provide the help you need when you need it.

We believe a comforting, calm, reassuring voice is essential to our process. In addition, we will never put the phone down until AFTER one of the emergency services is on site and providing assistance. Only then do we disconnect the call in order to inform family or friends of the situation.

grdian is now available for both Android and Apple handsets. Please use the appropriate link below to download for your device.
The service offers true value for money:
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