What is grdian?

grdian is your very own electronic ‘Guardian Angel’ that looks out for you in the event of an accident or if you require immediate emergency assistance. Once downloaded, the grdian service is your direct link to a dedicated 24/7 specialist call centre manned by experts who are there to respond to your needs.


Once installed, grdian will:

 Use sensors in your smartphone to assess if you are walking, running, in a car, on a pushbike or riding a motorcycle

 Automatically call our specialist call centre following an incident

 Provide dedicated operators who will communicate with and advise the appropriate emergency services of your circumstances and condition

 Automatically contact the emergency services and advise them of your exact location using GPS if you are unconscious

 Keep the call ‘live’ and keep speaking to you whether you are responsive or not

 Notify your nominated friends or family of your circumstances

 Provide any relevant medical history as needed

 Use in-built safety features to prevent false alerts

Who is it for?

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    Launched with two-wheeled road users specifically in mind, grdian offers peace of mind for you and your family.

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    Car Drivers

    Many cars don’t have the technology to recognise an incident; grdian not only can and will, but when you leave the car it comes with you and continues to protect you throughout your day.

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    Pedestrians are statistically the most at risk on a public highway, so grdian is constantly monitoring, whether you are walking on the pavement, or stationary, waiting to cross a road.

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    Remote Workers

    Constantly faced with a potential incident where nobody is there to call for help, grdian will detect an accident en route to work or any incidents on site.

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    Motorcyclists are often seen as one of the most-at-risk road users, so grdian is always ready. The only purpose-built solution that will protect you from speeds as low as 2mph, it does not record your speed but simply activates the automated crash detection in the event of the unthinkable.

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    The Elderly & those with Poor Health

    The combination of automatic detection and the ‘shake to call’ feature offer a solution for the young, elderly and those at risk, making grdian perfect for these often-overlooked people.

grdian is a brand new and tailor-made emergency response service that is operated and activated through a downloadable smartphone app to ensure that you and loved ones are in safe hands 24/7.

The grdian service is the first of its kind to offer you the power of a purpose-built technology solution in combination with a dedicated 24/7 call centre. It harnesses the in-built technology of your smartphone to enable you to connect with a first-line medical response centre – both proactively and reactively – within seconds of a possible emergency.


Making the Call

Proactive / automatic dialling is fully enabled when grdian detects an incident. The handset will vibrate, switch to speaker, initiate GPS to locate you, and within two rings you will be connected to our dedicated call-centre team.

Reactive / manual dialling takes advantage of the ‘shake to call’ functionality. Simply shake the handset and again the handset will vibrate, switch to speaker, initiate GPS to locate you, and within two rings you will be connected to our dedicated call-centre team.


The Human Element

When you make a call (either through automatic incident detection or by shaking the phone), the dedicated call-centre operative will be on the line within seconds. All operators are specifically trained and are there to provide the help you need when you need it.

We believe a comforting, calm and reassuring voice is essential to our process. In addition, we will never put the phone down until AFTER one of the emergency services is on site and providing assistance. Only then do we disconnect the call in order to inform friends or family of the situation.


Unique Features

  • Dedicated 24/7 service
  • Purpose-built from the ground up with the UK’s leading software-development team
  • Tested in associated with the leading Formula 1 test centre

grdian is now available for both Android and Apple handsets. Please use the appropriate link below to download for your device.
The service offers true value for money:
No minimum contract

This app can save your life!